BE80nqLCMAAQzKq.jpg-largeThe Important Bits:

I go by several names and hate serious pictures.

I sometimes write as Katherine Elizabeth.

I work under Katherine.

If we’re friends, call me Kate.

If you want me to seriously dislike you, call me Katie. (Please don’t.)

I’m a twenty-something living in Astoria, Queens. I am absolutely in the midst of the stereotypical quarter-life/existential crisis, but I won’t bore you with the details.

NYC is my fairytale ending, even on the bad days. There’s a magic here that keeps me going.

I’ve discovered an itch of wanderlust after 6 months working in Dubai. My life is still being reshuffled from that experience and the stories I got to live. I don’t know where the chips will fall, but I am so grateful for how the experience opened up my heart and mind and I plan to keep up the adventures.

I fall in love with strangers over nothing more than the way they take their coffee or the ink stains on their sleeves. I’ve taken to writing letters or poems to them. Find them on my  Love Letters Page.

I have an appreciation for language and eloquent bullshit, but zero tolerance for game playing and bad manners.

I prefer whisky, wine, and good beer. I live in a library, I have more books than clothes these days. I am a foodie to the core, cook me an excellent meal and you have my heart forever. (This has yet to be proven as an exaggeration.) Despite the blog title, French is by far my worst of the languages I am trying to speak, I’m an embarrassment to my francophile friends. At least I can own my (many) flaws?

I’m a bit rough around the edges and not to everyone’s taste. That’s quite all right with me, I hope it is with you.

If you have stories to tell, please drop me note. Let’s be lengthy pen pals in an age of 140 characters or less.

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