In Pursuit

Of a place where laughter

outweighs distrust.

Where boredom has shrunk

to a four-letter word.

Where my mind is stretched,

my body worn,

but my soul still smiles.


What bad

outweighs the good?

And what good

will cause the bad to shrink?

How much will money matter

when there are stories to be told,

adventures to be had,

mouths to be kissed,

lessons to be learned,

and fun to be had?

Can people

outweigh the cost?

Can laughter

outweigh the risk?

Has stable become

yet so overrated?

What freedom can be found

when unstable



become such friendly, familiar words?

Take a deep breath,

Eyes wide open.

Hand in hand with fear and fate,


In. Out. Up. Over.


Whatever is next.



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