The Moment Before

Have you ever noticed the night sky at that breath before dawn? What was black and endless has been shot through with the first hint of day break. It’s not black at all, a moody rolling purple, a navy blue, a slow olive green. The green overtakes and lightens the mood. The world is holding its breath before dawn. The spices and flour float from the bakery below. A world of stillness, rolling color, and sugar. For a moment we are suspended in time. The romantic dreams of the night hover as a fog around us, just solid and fuzzy enough to slip back into. The daylight has not yet broken us. The magic of the night still wraps its woolen arms around us. The world collectively holds its breath for one last moment.

Then a train whistle breaks the quiet. The green has lightened to gold, the dark lingering purples are beaten back and the world begins to stir. A chapter is ending as we brush the sleep and dreams from our eyes and begin our march into reality once more. A world is fading with the last stubborn star in the dawn sky.

But another story is just beginning.

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